21cfr pollen raw material expiry dating

The initial dose must be based on skin testing as described in the “DOSAGE AND ADMINISTRATION” section of this insert.

Slurries of juicy fruits or vegetables (prepared with a minimum amount of water for injection) are combined with an equal volume of glycerine for a ration of 1:1 volume/volume (v/v).Allergenic extract is used for diagnostic testing and for the treatment (immunotherapy) of patients whose histories indicate that upon natural exposure to the allergen, they experience allergic symptoms. Diagnostic use of allergenic extracts usually begins with direct skin testing.This product is not intended for treatment of patients who do not manifest immediate hypersensitivity reactions to the allergenic extract following skin testing.to volume Active allergens are described by common and scientific name on the stock concentrate container label or on last page of this circular.Food allergenic extracts may be manufactured on a weight/volume (w/v) or volume/volume (v/v) basis.

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