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The European Commission has approved Merck KGa A’s Mavenclad (cladribine tablets) to treat highly active relapsing forms of multiple sclerosis (MS). 25 decision in Brussels marks the first approval of a highly efficient oral short course therapy for MS in Europe.Mavenclad has been shown to harness disease activity for four years after a maximum of 20 treatment days over two years.The leading candidates are a local millionaire and lawyer, Bill Luckett, who is white, and African-American Chuck Espy, the son of the current mayor, Henry Espy.Meanwhile, the speculation about Mc Millian's death continues unchecked."I hope it wasn't politically motivated, I would pray it wasn't, but if it was I wouldn't be surprised," Jeff Simmons offers.If you can't fight the right way, a clean way, then you fight the dirty fight.You find something that will destroy this man and you drag it right out for everyone to see and I think that's what they did." That "something" would be Mr Mc Millian's sexuality. Her best guess is that someone tried to set the young man up and things went too far. Back in the bar with no name, the drinking admirers of Mc Millian are less complicated. They want to use that to cover up what really was going on," says Mr Boogie. Texas also witnessed the slaying of a county District Attorney, Mike Mc Lelland, at the weekend.

"I just didn't think that anything major would happen to him."So was this a politically motivated hit? "There were people out there who saw he had a good chance.

A final autopsy report has yet to be released and last night the Clarksdale Sheriff's Department said it cannot say when that might happen. Almost regardless of what the investigators eventually determine – the local member of Congress, Democrat Bennie Thompson, has formally asked the FBI to review the case – old ghosts have already been reawakened.

Is it possible that 45 years after the death of Martin Luther King Jr the bad old days of the Deep South, when blacks lived in fear of bigotry, have still not gone away?

That the hate-group with the dreaded three-initial name still exists was on display in Memphis, Tennessee, 80 miles north of here, just this weekend.

Around 60 members, some in white robes and hoods, protested an ordinance changing the Confederacy names of three city parks.

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