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Formed in Harwich by those who left the Harwich Town Band in 1936. When the Territorals were called to the Colours, the members were dispersed and the band went out of existance after just 3 years. This Industrial and Reform School was opened in 1891. An Abbott Memorial School Band was also active in 1886, when it took part in the "Monstre Children's Trip to South Shields" Formed in the 1890s, had paid off the instruments by 1899 - conductor William Way.

In 1900 the band collected £4 as a donation to the war reservists' fund. Still active in the 1930s Founded in 1884, however it may not have lasted long.

In 1878 they were attached to the 11th Northumberland (Corbridge) Volunteers. The principal cornet player around 1870s and 1880s was Joseph Henderson, conductor Haydon Bridge in 1891.

In the late 1890s they were attached to the 1st Volunteer Battalion Northumberland Fusiliers. A typical story of one of the boys notes: "He was rescued from the demoralising custody of dissolute parents, and being placed in the band, speedily exhibited that passion for music and close application to the study of its principles which has led to his occupying the honourable position of bandmaster in Her Majesty's service." A visitor to the Reformatory in 1887 remarked: "I heard the well trained band perform a selection from "Masaniello".

Counties referred to are the historical counties of the UK (see Finally, if any band appearing on this list is still active, please let me know!

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They were also used as stretcher-bearers, but later on were used to carry out full soldiers' duties. Originally a bugle band it eventually became a brass band for the second battalion of the regiment but had improved so much by 1887 that it was promoted to the band for the 1st Battalion, the professional band which had previously existed being done away with.In 18, political upheavals in Europe led to the War Office raising volunteer military corps of over 130,000 men.Accrington Old Band got swept up in this and became the 7th Volunteer Rifle Corps (Lancs.) and later known as the 3rd Lancashire Volunteer Regiment.Of the many brass bands that have flourished in Britain over the last 200 years very few have documented records covering their history.This page is an attempt to collect together information about such bands and make it available to all. Where "active" dates are given these indicate documented appearances - the bands may well have existed beyond those dates quoted.

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