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Despite not being their strongest collaboration ("Somebody" comes out on top), the two records give the street A Boogie fans songs they can cherish.And, at least, A Boogie finally gets his chance to trade in the romance for two minutes of flexing on "Money Sprung" (“I feel like the king of New York/My jeweler is better than yours”).The essential feature on the A Boogie and one of his most frequent collaborators, Don Q, really attempt to capture the spirit of New York on their two back-to-back collaborations.

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It begins with the Chris Brown-featured “Fucking and Kissing,” followed by a strange Trey Songz & Robin Thicke-assisted track and, then, into the questionably titled “Stalking You.” This glaring sequence presents what I fear about A Boogie, the lane he attempts to enter is a viable but limited one and, honestly, it’s one that he should leave for the less talented.A Boogie, throughout the album, does a surprisingly good job of selecting featuring rappers who not only add to the moodiness, but who vocally prevent the album from becoming repetitive.21 Savage over the haunting Murda Beatz production keeps the momentum upwards from the album's already-strong opener, as he tacks on a threat-filled verse (“Bitch I got more bodies than a general in Vietnam”) to go along with A Boogie’s most free-feeling appearance on the album (“I don’t care, fuck a one-on-one ain’t no hands here”).“Say A,” has lighthearted keys that sound like it could have been the theme of a children’s show if not for the police sirens in the background, finds A Boogie at his most appealing.A Boogie is simultaneously rapping well, while also taking his vocal range to its limits and, of course, he doesn’t forget to rep New York in the process (“And we come straight out the Bronx so we wildin/Shoutout BK, free Bobby, free Rowdy”).

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