Cancer female and taurus male dating

he cheated on me multiple times unbeknownst to me till after I broke up with him. In conclusion, Cancer men can be great if they've mastered their emotions and are mature. my first would still try to wedge himself into my life for years following the break-up.

I feel like mine is always a little scared that someone is going to take me away from him.

just be patient and gentle with him and if ever you've felt the two of you never move on well make the first move...

good luck:) I'm a Leo woman who was casually dating a Capricorn Man.

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He is a bit controlling, but not enough to send a Leo packing. My Cancer man is great in bed, loyal, dependable, generous and extremely intelligent. I m 21 years old and my Cancer guy is 26, sometimes I feel he is ignoring me a lot, but in bedroom he dominates me a lot which I love.So far I am enjoying getting to know him, but the process seems so slow.It is hard to read whether or not he is a total sweetie or totally sweet on me.he doesn't say anything outright but u can see his desire in his actions. I don't recommend getting into casual relationships with these guys. I am a Leo woman just starting to date a Cancer man.the way he'll lay his head down on me, close his eyes, breathe in deep, then nuzzle into me. He has every quality that I like and want for a future relationship. He is dependable, handsome, trustworthy and no matter what I know every morning I get a good morning call or text.

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