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Here are some gentle ways of letting them know they have bad breath: To start the conversation you can use one of these phrases: After (or before) you let them know, it wouldn't be a bad idea to tack on a term of endearment such as: honey, dear, sweetie, etc.

Combine these phrases to create a sentence you believe would fit the situation best.

We have all been there - you want to be close to a special person in your life, but they have something that keeps you at a distance: Bad breath!

It can be difficult to associate regularly with someone who has chronic bad breath, and it may be even more difficult to tell them of this embarrassing problem of which they are seemingly unaware.

If you have dropped many hints and they still have bad breath all the time it might be time to directly tell them.

By being direct, it avoids any confusion that dropping hints may cause and it is the most effective way of helping them.

After you let them know of their bad breath problem it is important that you help them with it.

Here are a couple of practical examples of things you could say to get someone thinking about their bad breath without offending them: Upon finding out that you DON'T have bad breath; the other person should start wondering why you asked a question like that, and arrive at the conclusion that it is their own breath that smells. " in which case you could offer to "take a smell" (pretending, of course) and then inform that that it actually does smell a "bit off." Another way to pretend you have the problem is by talking about a product that has solved your bad breath. Try one and see if it doesn't make your breath a thousand times better." This is the easiest way of dropping a hint that they have bad breath, but also the least obvious.

They may respond to one of the above questions with, "No. The following is an example of this: "I just got these awesome breath mints. A friend of mine told me that I have corpse breath - who knew?! This method is great if you are not close to the person or if they are just suffering from temporary halitosis.

In order to do this just causally offer them a mint or piece of gum.

To be even more subtle, take one yourself before offering them one too.

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