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The super-rich have more freedom than most to choose where they live, and that freedom cannot be taken away.

But they are not the only guilty party in the scourge of empty homes.

From the sharp wealth divide to the neglect of social housing; to the unaffordability for many of a decent home; to the safe haven it provides for dubiously acquired, often foreign, money; to the “light touch” regulation which clearly contaminated building safety as well as banking; to the greed, if not actual corruption, behind planning decisions; it is hard to find much to like in the way London has developed in the past 20 years.

Do prices fall to the point where these flats are “affordable”?

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It is all very well proclaiming that London is “open for business”, but should we not be more fussy about the sort of business? London could do more to manage other parts of the market, too.

There is a mass of money-laundering and anti-corruption legislation, but how much of it is actually used to identify or confiscate ill-gotten gains, or the lawyers and financiers right here who facilitate the multi-million pound purchases? From the kitchen of our flat, we can see the ribbon of new high-rises that have sprung up over the past 10 years along the south bank of the Thames.

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