Internet dating and romance scams

The victims lost all their life savings and also ended up in taking loans, believing the fraudster.

A 43 year old man met a scammer on a dating website and started believing in a fake relationship that started from there on.

Scammers from Ghana use all types of phishing techniques in order to make a scam operation successful.

Example: On 22nd June 215, Ghana police reported Ghana job scam that offered fake recruitment letters to 500 young men and women.

The victims are asked to send their resumes along with their bank information.

Urgent Job seekers often fall prey to these kinds of job offers and end up losing their personal financial information.

Ghana scammers adopt a wise and different technique in order to obtain the victims bank details.

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They often have multiple scams going around at the same time; it is how they run their business.One of the most recent spots in the world right now for scams is Africa and specifically Ghana.The online web is full of "offers" from African cities and other countries; just make sure your e-mail Inbox is clean and secure.In the same week, a fire service officer was arrested for duping more than 40 people on the pretext of offering them jobs in security services.The fire service officer took various sums of money from the recruits in the name of processing fees.

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