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On average, a marriage and family therapist must undergo at least 12 years of training before he or she can complete the state licensing exam to become certified.Many people who choose to enter this profession are already established as a psychologist, social worker, nurse, or counselor. A Marriage & Family Therapist is a professional who works with individuals, couples, or families to resolve conflicts and improve their relationships.(NPI Final Rule [PDF] from HHS and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services) There are 2 additional listings for this city. View Similar Profiles in Slayton The doctors and health care providers below offer similar services as Kristin Peltola MS, LMFT in Slayton.The following are a few ways you can compare nearby doctors and health care providers to find the right match for your care needs. Profiles may also include costs for specific services and procedures, common referrals, ratings, and reviews.The therapy itself is relatively short-term, because they concentrate on treating the problem at the source and aiming for quick and effective results.A Marriage and Family Therapist is trained, licensed and certified to deal with a multitude of problems and concerns that cause tension and distress within families and couples.Patient satisfaction ratings and reviews are based on personal opinions.Before you choose any doctor you should take into account their background, training, specialized experience AND their patient satisfaction to ensure they are the right fit for you.

Kristin Peltola MS, LMFT is a female health care provider in Slayton, MN with Marriage & Family Therapist listed as her primary specialization. Her office phone number, address, ratings, provider comparisons, county health rankings, and specializations can be viewed below.Are you a patient of Kristin Peltola MS, LMFT or familiar with their services?Please consider filling out the ratings survey below to help prospective patients make an informed decision.Aby skontaktować się z dowolnym użytkownikiem na stronie Senior Next Polska, powinieneś stworzyć Całkowicie Darmowe Konto, abyśmy mogli zweryfikować kim naprawdę jesteś.Po tym jak upewnimy się czy jesteś tym za kogo się podajesz, możesz zacząć kontaktować się Slayton Females aby dowiedzieć się czy są zainteresowani Twoją osobą. Wystarczy kliknąć aby wysłać flirt lub wiadomość i zaczekać na odpowiedź.

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