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Submissions are one of the most important ways that I learn about new hoaxes and scams and chart how older versions are evolving over time.And, don’t worry, if I use the material you submit in an article, any information that could identify you will be removed.This includes not chasing him by calling or emailing him excessively.Remember, however, that for you to be a lady, he must be a gentleman.Please note, however, that due to time constraints and the large volume of email I receive, a personal reply is not usually possible.

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He will notice if you are constantly looking at your watch, and he will be unimpressed.

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It is a custom search engine that is configured to search ONLY the Hoax-Slayer websites. Supposedly, Facebook users can get the chance to win a Mercedes Benz for Christmas 2017 just by liking a post, sharing the promotion, and adding a comment specifying what colour car they would like if they win.

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