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An economical, soft, breathable, classic ribbed-style sock for men and women.

Provides maximum all-day wearing comfort with Mediven's unique uncoated spandex, coupled with advanced computer knitting technology.

Maximum all-day wearing comfort in a durable, discreet, semi-sheer look.

The incorporation of our patented Climafresh system adds an anti-microbial feature and prevents odor formation while our Clima-Comfort technology allows for high breathability and reliable temperature control.

By providing a high working pressure and maximum pressure stability throughout the day, Mediven® Forte provides a deep massaging effect and maximum containment in a circular knit stocking.

We wanted bikes to get us to the mountains, bikes to get us up the mountains and bikes to get us back down. We offer a range of finance options from 0% to 9.9% starting on orders over £500.Decades of development into new materials and expertise gained from producing 8 million pairs of stockings combine to create fine and sheer stockings providing maximum strech and optimum comfort.Discount Surgical Stockings is the first and largest online retailer of compression socks."I feel better" is a promise that Mediven makes reality every day, with products that make peoples lives easier, better and more comfortable.Cutting-edge technologies and processes improve comfort, hygiene and appearance.

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