Robin thicke dating history

However, the singer’s lawyers claimed Paula is also being investigated by the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS).

The site claims Robin’s legal team submitted a declaration claiming there is an investigation into Paula for “emotional abuse.” The declaration also reportedly stated that Robin’s lawyer had been told by the DCFS lawyer that the agency will close the investigation into Robin because the allegations were “unfounded.” Paula made a series of shocking claims against Robin, and described an alleged incident last week when Robin demanded to see his son and reportedly refused to leave her mother’s home.

She also claimed Robin hit her and pushed her to the ground, before threatening her, in an alleged incident in April 2013.

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It is alleged that young Julian told teachers his father had spanked him and “punched” him on occasions – causing the school to report his comments to Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services.

Paula announced her separation from Robin in 2014, after allegations that he had been unfaithful surfaced.

Following the announcement Robin, in a bid to win back his partner of 21 years, named his latest album after her – but the gesture (and the album) flopped.

Paula was recently spotted looking emotionally drained, as she abandoned the handover of her son Julian to Robin Thicke.

Robin was pictured sitting in his vehicle in the public car park while Paula spoke with the court -appointed monitor.

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