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We're going to have a Caribbean wedding, so don't forget to bring a swimsuit." " Okay.

It's been nine years since Seto Kaiba's and Serenity Wheeler's breakup.

Which in turn meant her brother Joey would be there.

If she became the bridesmaid, it would mean seeing Serenity.

A year-long engagement would allow Joey plenty of time to talk her out of getting married. Which is tomorrow." There was a long and pregnant pause.

Serenity Wheeler, I'm gonna – " " Joey, be reasonable…" " No, you be reasonable!

But then a friend – who absolutely LOVES Seto/Serenity – "persuaded" me to add her fav coupling. She has invited Mai to be one of the bridesmaids…but the best man is Joey, Serenity's cute yet goofy brother. Joey finally gets the money he needs for Serenity's eye surgury, but Serenity has already gone blind. Kaiba takes a trip to the hospital himself, but comes out with detirmination. What will happen when a very talented musician Kang Seungyoon meets a beautiful and talented rookie idol in a dating variety show? She seems to be very bright and strong on the outside, but she actually isn't that strong and needs someone to lean on.On top of that she also had a very hard childhood and doesn't trust others easily.

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