Spanking dating free

While no one is required to participate in this manner, it is asked that we try to extend this courtesy when possible. Plus, the fellow blogger that you help today will be more likely to lend a hand tomorrow when you need it. Each time that you post to your own blog, your feed will update the information for your own blog, moving it to the top of the list and posting a small snippet of your most recent entry.This is a change from how the Network originally worked, but this method should be easier and more acceptable to all concerned.She works in an insurance office and is a photography student. Missy Rhodes as Chloe's sister Missy Young Missy moves from a small town to this apartment complex to try to make it as an actress.She must start out as a waitress and she is introduced to many spankings, beginning with her new roommate Veronica.

Occasionally, members of our network may ask us to support a special feature, event or contest that they’re having on their own blog.

If you have any problems with or questions about getting started, you can also email us at the above address for answers.

It is recommended that new members join our Fetlife group, as this will put you in direct contact with the management of the Network, as well as the main body of members.

Kay fights hard not to get spanked, but is often overpowered.

But she finds many opportunities to give out a hard spanking.

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