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Something as simple as opening a door or turning on a light is completely out of the question.Putting on my clothes or taking a shower, usually singular activities, are pretty much impossible by myself.But the amount of people I've found with the SAME situation as me -- arterial dissection, pontine stroke, locked-in syndrome, young age, bilateral affliction -- ZERO.

Without direction or proper goals, and simply fumbling around in the dark, how am I supposed to maintain my once insatiable drive towards my future?The stigma associated with wheelchairs exists for a reason -- they are ugly, wretched, massive hunks of metal that ensure I'm suffocated by stares of curiosity and glares of ignorance everywhere I go.Being confined to a wheelchair automatically makes me feel not only physically shorter than everyone else, but also mentally shorter and smaller than everyone else.4 -- It's the most embarrassing, soul-crushing, life-destroying aspect of all of this -- losing my independence.Ask yourself, what is life without your independence, especially when you are still in your prime?

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