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That's because they got into a car accident and have a rare type of amnesia where they think it's the same day every day.

Still, you live every day to its fullest and work around this obstacle because that's what happens when you're in love. Because you befriend the hotel clerk and end up having a way better relationship with them than you ever did with your ex.

Your parent will hire them to work for them, meaning they'll be around all the time. You used some fancy futuristic technology to erase your memories after a bad breakup, but you eventually decide to start over and try being together again, despite being polar opposites.

At first it'll drive you nuts and you'll bicker quite a bit, but, as different as you are, you'll soon realize that you're actually kind of perfect together and will share a lovely kiss on a fantastic marble staircase. You'll know each other foreveeeeeer, but because you'll also go through puberty together (ugh, middle school), you'll have some rough patches and not stay close.

You'll start messaging each other, somehow never realizing how physically close you actually are.

You'll do a favor for a friend and help drive your future soulmate to New York City.Last month, reports surfaced that Mr Tillerson had allegedly called the president a "moron" during a Pentagon meeting also this past July.The country's usually camera-shy top diplomat addressed the media on the matter, but refused to say that he did not refer to Mr Trump as a "moron" only that he was "not going to deal with petty stuff like that" simply meant to divide the Trump administration, in his estimation.Then you exchange numbers (one written in a book, the other on a dollar bill), deciding to leave everything up to fate.At first, it doesn't look too hopeful, but years later, you encounter the book and bill, proving there is nothing keeping you apart.

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