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Awkward conversations aren't fun, but the truth is so much better than leaving someone in the dark.

The other thing to remember is that sometimes a person presents themselves in one way, but one-on-one, it's a whole different story.

When looking for new love, the best strategy is to widen your net.

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A loss of job, for example, can be a devastating blow to a relationship, but with a yogi it can be the opportunity you have been waiting for to help you realize your dream of owning your own store.

Learning to slow the breath down, to focusing eyes on one point (drishti), to holding poses that at times illicit all sorts of contradictory sensations, helps those practicing yoga unleash a deeper connection with oneself.

Translate these (anyway your imagination desires) into the bedroom and suddenly where once only were sparklers are now fireworks!

I didn't say anything to our mutual friends because I didn't want them to feel badly, and I also didn't want anyone else to get involved.

After numerous conversations with trusted girlfriends and a couple of close male friends, I finally let it go.

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